It’s counterintuitive. Shouldn’t we just feel totally relieved that the end of this pandemic is near? Yes, there are moments that meet our joyful expectations after the worst pandemic in a century — grandparents hugging their grandkids for the first time in a year, a long-awaited chat over coffee with our newly-vaccinated friend, watching our kids run around with one another after a year of lost playtime. But many days we also feel overwhelmed, unsettled, and weary. After multiple conversations to this end, I realize I’m not alone. …

2020 has been a traumatic, chaotic mess. We now have a choice on how we look back and remember the pain. And more importantly, what we choose to do with it.

Written in memory of my dad, who would have celebrated his 70th this month.

“Today we’re going to talk about EQ” he said, passing out yet another article to the handful of teens whose parents thought they were there for Saturday morning Chinese school. It took a lot of fortitude to push past our eye rolling — and in retrospect, it was also kind of subversive — signing up…

My family’s struggle to measure school quality by more than just a number

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The day we committed to enrolling our firstborn in a “5 out of 10” public elementary school in California, I walked probably a hundred laps around its grounds. Thinking and praying, with my eyes peering through the metal fence at the kids playing in the yard, I looked for some sign that we had made the right decision, consumed by the battle my tiger-mom instincts were waging with my idealistic side.

I weighed the warm tour we had with the thoughtful principal against the mediocre test scores we saw online. I feared that the decision my husband and I made…

Cindy Lo Collister

Love boba tea & finding meaning in the everyday. Executive Director of Current Silicon Valley. Believer. Wife. Mom of two.

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